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  1. I would like to see Neil Hamilton at a protest at Carmarthen Hearing Centre in the case of Mark James CEO Carmarthenshire Council versus Blogger Jacqui Thompson, Mark James is trying to force the sale of Jacqui’s house for costs of a libel hearing against Jacqui in a High Court Libel case. James illegally used ratepayers money to fund his case. The claim is for £192.000
    to go back to council funds on top of which he claims £30.000 damages. An absolute scandal to be heard at Carmarthen hearing Centre 1000hrs. this Thursday March 23rd.
    He after all is a member of the Welsh government who replied to my email saying an investigation is not in their remit.

    1. Many thanks for your email Neil. I would suggest emailing Mr Hamilton if you have not already done so.

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